Stylish 300+ Happy Diwali Text Msg in Hindi & English

The site is full of the best Happy Diwali Text Msg for the upcoming festival. You can choose the one which will fit you as per your taste and can send it to your friends and relatives. The wishes are the real blessings of the festival. So do not ignore them.

Happy Diwali Text Msg
May Thousands Of Lamps Light Up Your Life With Endless Happiness, Richness, Health & Wealth Forever. Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali Text Msg in Hindi & English Languages

Diwali occasion is the festival of pleasure and light. It is all about the forgiveness, giving and spreading the love. So enjoy the occasion with fun and pleasure with your family. Don’t forget to wish all your dear ones with the Best Happy Diwali Text Msg. Your impressive Diwali messages and Wishes will create an impression on their life. You can send the Diwali messages to your distant friends also. It can get you closer to the person.

All the member of the family enjoys the festival. Their pleasure joy and happiness are at the high in this Diwali festival. They enjoy and make fun in their own way with their friends. We thought a great way for them to celebrate the Diwali occasion. Now they can pick their best Happy Diwali Text in Hindi English. It is always fun to wish your friends and relatives in your own language.

This site will enable you to download this free Deepawali messages in Hindi English and send wishes to your friends. People generally love to wish all the members of the family and relatives in Hindi and English. So please download the Happy Diwali Messages, Wishes and Greeting Card in Hindi English from this site and make them happy. This page has a great collection only for you.

1. "I Wish you a very warm and cozy Diwali as in the sweet cold winters when you’ll be reading this message of mine in the eve of Diwali, you’ll feel instantly warm and happy by the fire of those Diyas kept beside you. Happy Diwali to you my friend."

2. "With the enormous Gleam Of Diyas adn candles,
And The loud soothing Echo Of Chants,
May Happiness And prosperity Fill Your Life!
Wishing You A Very Special And Sweet Diwali !"

3. "May The sharp colorful Light Of Diwali Spread Into Your Life
Fill It With Peace, Joy, Happiness And truth
Happy Diwali."

4. "Paying respects to the gods and decorating for them the thali. This is what the occasion is all about. This is the spirit of Deepavali."

5. "May millions of lamps illuminate your life with endless joy, prosperity, health and wealth forever.
Wishing you and your family a very happy DIWALI!"

6. "Light a lamp of love! blast a chain of sorrow! shoot a rocket of prosperity! fire a flowerpot of happiness!wish you and your family SPARKLING DIWALI. "

7. "May the shimmering diyas the crackling fireworks sparkle up your life with happiness, have a mastiful dhamakedar Diwali."

8. "May the Divine light of diwali spread happiness, peace and prosperity to you and your family! May the lights of this auspicious festival fill your life with the eternal glow."

A matchstick glows for a few seconds, a candle glows for a few hours, a sun glows for a day. I wish you glow forever and ever! Happy Diwali to you and your family!

This is to formally announce that I have started accepting Diwali gifts in ROKDA & CHEQUES. Avoid last day rush. Send Now!

May the festival of lights encircle your life with immense Joy and Happiness. Success comes at your doorsteps with these thoughts sending my warm wishes to you on Diwali and always…

Wishing a great Diwali that is all set to brighten your days with prosperity, warmth, success and the very best that life can offer, now and forever.

May the gift of happiness and prosperity fill your heart and home with joy on Diwali and Always - Happy Diwali!

Happy, Happy Diwali! I hope the day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many magical moments!

HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU! May you celebrate it well. Surrounded by family, friends and lots of love and remember.

On the precious moment of Diwali I wish you happy Diwali and I pray that you get all your endeavors fulfilled as well as you get lots of gifts and sweets this Diwali...

This Diwali I wish you get a lot of crackers but you don’t get a match box to lit them. Save environment, so no to crackers...

May you all attain full inner illumination, may the supreme light of lights enlighten your understanding.
The time has come to Feel Super Good, Time For the Reunion with the friends and family, Time To Share the immense Happiness with your loved ones,
Time To Feel Being Loved by your near ones, Time To Show Your Love to the dear ones,
Time To Live For Others And Time live in Peace.
Happy Deepavali

Before The bright yellow Sun Rises in East,
Let Me Decorate Each Ray
With the Wishes Of True Success And
Love for you And for your Family.
Happy Diwali wishes for you my mate.

My greeting to you for happiness, peace, progress and prosperity in your life. Enjoy and Celebrate - Happy Diwali!

May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into your life peace, prosperity, happiness and good health. Happy Diwali!

Have a crackling Diwali. May this season bring good luck and happiness to you!

Life with you is like diwali, so lets promise to be together like this forever. Wish you a very Happy Diwali...

Wish you and your family a bombastic Diwali, have loads of fun and loads of masti...

Diwali night is full of lights, may your life be filled with colors and lights of happiness. Happy Diwali...

May the beauty of this Deepavali fill your home with happiness and may the coming year provide you with all that brings you joy! Happy Diwali...

On this auspicious festival of lights, may the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminate your days in the year ahead. Happy Diwali...

Diyas are God's way of telling us that there will always be light to drive away darkness. May the light of diyas spread joy to your life. Happy Diwali

The best thing about these Diwali sweets I’m sending you…They’re 100% calorie free! Happy Diwali

Light A bright bulb Of Love!
Blast A cracker Of evil & sorrow !
Shoot A whistle Rocket Of Prosperity into the dark sky !
Fire An Anaar Of Happiness and joy !
Wish your soul A Sparkling and a blasting Diwali

When You Can Make Someone Smile with some mere words
When You Can Be Someone’s friends instantly
That is the time When You Can feel proud on yourself
And that is the time you’ll spend Diwali as a Happy Diwali!

Dhoom Machao, Rang Jamao… Have a blast this Diwali!

Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days, in this festive season of Diwali and always!

Life is a festival only to the wise. Happy Diwali!

With gleam of Diyas and the echo of the chants. May Happiness and contentment fill your life wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

Sukh, Shanti, Samadhan, Samruddhi, Aaishwarya, Arogya, Pratishtha for you. Happy Deepavali!

On this auspicious festival of lights may the glow of joys prosperity and happiness illuminate your days in the year ahead. HAPPY DIWALI!

Paying respects to the God and decorating for them the thali, this is what the occasion is all about, this is the spirit of Deepavali.

I wish the diverse Beauty Of Diwali Days,
Fill up Your Home With Happiness, rejoice And Good Fortune up to the brim.
And I wish that The Coming Year Brings out some really cute surprises and a lot of joy, happiness with a tons of smiles daily.
Happy Deepavali !!

May this Diwali Light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives, everything bright & beautiful and fill you days with pleasant surprises and moments.

Diwali night is full of lights, may your life be filled with colors and lights of happiness.

May the divine light of Diwali spread into your Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health. Happy Diwali

My best wishes for you on the festival of Diwali...

I Pray to God to give you Shanti, Shakti, Sampati, Swarup, Saiyam, Saadgi, Safalta, Samridhi, Sanskar, Swaasth, Sanmaan, Saraswati, and SNEH. SHUBH DIWALI.

This van is loaded with LOVE & CARE, Wishing you and your family A HAPPY DIWALI

Diwali also called Divali, Deepavali or the “festival of lights”, is a five-day Hindu festival widely celebrated by Hindus in India on 19 oct 2017.

A joyful day for minds and hearts and souls - Happy Diwali

People throng the Temples to offer, Prayers, resolving to take better roles. Happy Diwali

Other side we litter things and burn loads of crackers on festivals like Diwali and destroy mother earth on the name of celebration and fun. We have misunderstood.

Life with you is like Diwali, so lets promise to be together like this forever. Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day. Have a wonderful time and a very Happy Diwali!

On Diwali, I wanted to send you wishes for a year filled with prosperity, health and lots of fun! Hope you have a happy Diwali!

With lights dazzling, with love flushing around by your loved ones with loads of fun and joy, and with our loving wishes.

May this Deepawali bring you all a cracker with Joys, firework with happiness and Prosperity and Subh Laabh from Ganesh Ji...

May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.

May the beauty of Deepawali season fill your home with happiness and may the coming year provide You with all that bring you joy!

May God show you the way to live life lighter like candles not to blow on others like crackers and keep helping others like sweets to make their lives better.

May the goddess laxmi bless you with prosperity and good luck. Happy Dhanteras and DIPAWALI to you and your FAMILY!

It is time to feel good, time for reunion, time to share happiness, time to feel being loved, time to show your love, time to live for others and time to wish for peace.

Let us keep Diwali holding it close to our hearts for its meaning never ends and its spirit is the warmth and joy of remembering friends...

May the joy, cheer, mirth and merriment of this divine festival surround you forever. May the happiness, that this season brings.
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Happy Diwali 2017 !!!
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