20 Awesome Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes and Quotes

20 Awesome Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes and Quotes: Fathers are most lovable and strange creatures. They appear to be tough but they have beautiful and soft heart. They don’t flinch when they hurt themselves badly, but they worry themselves when their kids get hurt. They can bravely face any situation just to see a smile on their kids’ face. I sometimes find it tough to understand fathers but they are really lovably person. They have never known the pain of childbirth. So just to make your father smile i am sharing top and awesome Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes and Quotes.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes
Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes with Quote

Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes and Quotes

Fathers day is a special day for us. We should show some respect and love on our fathers special day. Same like Mothers day, fathers Special Event is also importance.

Where to find Father Day Quotes

There are many websites which share quotes and wishes for fathers day, you can easily find this website. But we have collected some awesome top wishes, which can make your fathers happy and smile. You can check it below.
I’ve had a hard life
But my hardships are nothing against
The hardships that my father went through
In order to get me to where I started

I think once I fail enough as a dad
I’ll be looking for help wherever
I can get it
I just need enough time to screw things up and then
I’ll start looking to TV dads for advice..

I want to tell you
How much you mean to me
Bcoz you are always
Thought about in such a special way
And do so much to brighten any day

Thank You Dad
For being my pillar of strength and
Fountain of wisdom
Thank You for everything you are
Life is more beautiful when you are around

Lately all my friends
Are worried that they’re
Turning into their fathers
I’m worried that I’m not

is one of the sweetest word
Anyone can say
The letters of FAMILY means
Father and Mother I Love You

Happy Father’s Day means
More than flowers and gifts
It means saying Thank You
It means saying I Love You
You are the best dad, and my best friend

Daddy is my special friend
The two of us are buddies
I always like the things we do
I’m thankful for my daddy

I have found the very best way
To advise your children is
To find out what they want to do
And advise them to do it

The nature of fatherhood is that
You’re doing something that
You’re unqualified to do

You showed me the first love
Seen me growing
From my mom’s womb
To until I stood on myself
You are so sweet daddy

No gift of gestures can
Show the amount of love
And respect I have for you
You were, you are and you will be the
Best dad ever for me in life

A daddy is someone who wants
To catch you before you fall
But instead, picks you up, brushes you off

He who is taught to live upon
Little owes more to his father’s
Wisdom than he who has a great deal
Left him does to his father’s care

You can tell what was
The best year of your father’s life
Because they seem to freeze
that clothing style and ride it out

The reason why daughters love their dad
The most is that there is
At least one man in
The world who will never hurt her

If father is happy then
God is happy and if father is angry
The God also angry so try to happy your father

Make your Facebook and WhatsApp Status
To a Father’s Day special message
And let your father know that
You realize his importance

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